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Riding Through Port-au-Prince

He was waiting there, like he always does.  Just standing…and…waiting… I have been cycling (this sounds more manly and adult than saying “riding my bike”) for about three years now. This is because my almost sixty-year-old knees remind me every … Continue reading

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Fishing Boat in Bod Me Limbe, Haiti

  I recently returned from at trip to Haiti.   I was with a wonderful, caring group.   I met most of them at the airport in Philadelphia as we were boarding to fly to the island of Turks and … Continue reading

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Returning From the Market

Though I have only made two short visits to Haiti, I was left with a lasting impression at the strength of the Haitian populace. A typical Haitian resident wakes up each morning in poverty, not United States poverty but third … Continue reading

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Sometimes Haiti is a Blurrrrrrrrrrrrr

What happens when you combine chaos and potholes and put them in a centrifuge along with yourself, oh, and add chickens, roosters, goats, and an occasional pig… then hit spin?  Oh, not just spin…hyperspin.  You have a typical street scene … Continue reading

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Young Girl in Haiti

Sometimes you just have to get off the depression couch and go outside and put your face in the sun and thank God you are alive. That is what I am doing today.  This photo always makes me smile, like … Continue reading

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