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Amateurish photographer who wishes he were better at taking pictures.

Eiffel Tower

Google maps said it was just a short nine minute walk from the Gare du Nord train station to Chez Cazimir. My lovely wife and I disembarked from a relaxing train ride from London to Paris.  We needed relaxing because … Continue reading

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Riding Through Port-au-Prince

He was waiting there, like he always does.  Just standing…and…waiting… I have been cycling (this sounds more manly and adult than saying “riding my bike”) for about three years now. This is because my almost sixty-year-old knees remind me every … Continue reading

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Street Sax Musician

“I’ve got two extra tickets!” Oh how we love that phrase.  Nothing activates our dopamine like someone having two extra tickets to an event we desperately want to see. The thing is,  I didn’t desperately want to see this event. … Continue reading

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Portland Head Light

It was a feeding frenzy of epic proportions. My wife and I recently visited Maine in search of the one thing that could draw us 900 miles from our eastern Kentucky home to the freezing waters of the Maine coast … Continue reading

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Reconstruction of the West Liberty Christian Church

  We won another victory over the tornado of 2012. Almost four years after a horrible tornado took our 102-year old building from us, we moved into our new church building. Previous to this, we worshiped at another church.  I … Continue reading

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Row Boat on Eleuthera Island

This was the yin to America’s yang, the gentle breeze to the nor’easter, the Sunday afternoon nap to the frenetic pace of Monday morning. We landed at the diminutive North Eleuthera Airport.  My arrival at most airports start an immediate … Continue reading

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Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera Island

  Conch-a-doodle-do!!!! I think this should be the official greeting on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas.   But more on that later. After a thirty year hiatus from The Bahamas, Big Surf Daddy returned with his bride of the same … Continue reading

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Water, water everywhere… My apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  I hope the need for royalty payments  for The Rime of the Ancient Mariner have passed. This is a sentiment that many of us in eastern Kentucky have expressed over the past … Continue reading

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War Creek Road

I was explaining how marvelous my diminutive, relatively new sports car was handling through the curves on Route 519 in northern Morgan County.  My passenger seemed distracted.  It could have been because he was thinking “uh-oh”. We were driving to school on … Continue reading

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Ezel Presbyterian Church

      I was in a testosterone fog. Like the tops of the eastern Kentucky hills hidden by the fog of this particular winter, rainy, day, my judgement was clouded by the current state of my machismo.  My bravado … Continue reading

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