Walkin’ Railroad Fork


Ahhh, solitude…..How I long for you.   Have you gone to be by yourself again?

Whenever I have had enough human contact for the time being, I tend to daydream about a secluded beach,  a secluded path to trod, a secluded fishing hole, or a secluded walk down a secluded road where there is no one except me and my dog… and this guy taking a picture of me and my dog on the secluded road.

I took this picture a few years ago when I was with my dad in Cannel City, KY in southern Morgan County .  He was working on a history book of that part of the county. It also included the O & K Railway that ran from Cannel City to Jackson, KY. He had me along for cheap photography services.

I saw this fellow walking along Railroad Fork Road with his dog.  It just looked so “eastern Kentucky”.

Whenever I occasionally struggle with my fellow terra firma playmates, my friend will tell me to “try to look at things from 30,000 feet.”

Believe me…I wish I was there.

If you like this photo, you can see more of my photos here.


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