Hay on a Hill

There are some things that are ingrained in my mind that remind me of eastern Kentucky in the fall.   We have beautiful autumn foliage that rivals anyplace in the country and beautiful blue skies most of the season.  I love the taste of sorghum cooking in the field.  I also love the smell of burning leaves on a late afternoon.

One of the things that says fall in eastern Kentucky is fresh-cut hay in the field.  I took this picture on a ridge in Carter County, Ky.  I was driving home from work one day and taking a shortcut along the back roads, I came upon this roll of hay beside the road.  I liked the formation of the clouds in the blue sky as a background.

One of my childhood memories of fall in Morgan County is going with my dad to gather hickory nuts.  I loved cracking them by the fireplace and eating what I could salvage.  Looking back on this, hickory nuts would be a great snack for weight control today.  You could eat them continuously while watching the teevee.  It takes so much energy to get the nut out and you can’t consume very much during a snack binge that seems to consume me way to often.

Autumn in eastern Kentucky is a wonderful time and for some reason, it seems to conjure memories of my childhood more than all the other seasons.  I wonder why that is?  I would love to hear what memories others have of autumn, not only in eastern Kentucky but other parts of the world.

If you like this photo, you can see more here.


2 thoughts on “Hay on a Hill

  1. My favorite time of fall as a kid was after raking the leaves in a big pile, we would jump and hide in the leaves and laugh for hours. Kids just don’t do that stuff anymore! It’s all about video games! I can still smell the fall air! Thanks for helping me remember!

  2. You’re right, autumn is the best time of the year — the smell of leaves, the crispness of the air, the shadows that get longer with each passing day, the colors that can never be captured in the crayon box — thanks for sharing the beautiful picture.

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