Fading Sun over Morgan County

Now don’t think the title of this photo has any hidden meaning, not another depressing innuendo about the tornado.   I thought it was a pretty picture.

I took this shot from a ridge on a farm in Grassy Creek in Morgan County, KY.   I had my daughter with me.   It was at the end of summer last year.   It was a good evening.

The late summer makes for some good sunsets due to the humidity that settles in the hills of eastern Kentucky.   To me, there seems to be more color.  I liked this sunset because you could follow the sun as the big ball fell slowly to the horizon and I waited until it got close to the tree covered hills.   It was a bonus for me that it started to hide behind the clouds.

It is scenes like this, serene and quiet, that I like about photography.  I like that you can capture a moment of your life and remember how you felt at that same moment.   I guess one could paint the scene, but I think the mood may change a few times over the time required to paint the picture.   Anyway, I like these scenes of eastern Kentucky.

In some small way, I always wanted to  promote the beauty of our part of a beautiful state.  So many scenes like this come our way every day.  Whether we are driving along the Mountain Parkway or on a rural road, hunting in the woods, fishing in a small farm pond, cutting a field of hay in the summer, or just an evening with your daughter to watch a sunset, eastern Kentucky has some wonderful opportunities to view God’s creation.

Just for the record, I don’t hunt.  I don’t think it is wrong, but me with a gun in my hand in an uncontrolled environment would not be good for said environment or for whoever did not value their life enough to be chaperoning me.  Also for the record, I have never cut hay in a field…usually way too hot.

If you like this photo, you can see more here.

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