I have never taken a photo that reflected my mood more than this one.

This was taken about one week after a tornado went through my hometown of West Liberty, KY.  I was looking out my bathroom window at what previously was two very large sycamore trees.  It was a gray day with little sun.  As I looked at the remains of the trees with the low, soft, afternoon sun in the sky, I thought of those apocalyptic movies I had seen.  This reminded me of  a scene in all of them.  It matched my mood of doom, gloom, and despair.  I processed it in sepia to give it a feeling of more despair.

While I am through that part of the grieving process, I am  occasionally reminded of how I felt during that time whenever I see some of the sights that still exist in my town.  Now I can’t help but think of all of those people in the northeast that will be dealing with the after effects of the storm they have survived.  I am sure they will experience the same feelings of gloom whenever the adrenaline wears off and they start to look around and see what all needs to be done.  One positive that comes from going through a devastating tornado–you sympathize with other folks who experience going through storms.

As I sit here in my office and see the October snow that is coming down, which is our effects of Hurricane Sandy here in eastern Kentucky, I know that the people in the northeastern states will make it through the rough times ahead.   My prayers are for them to experience the Spirit of God and that that Spirit would comfort them and allow them to persevere.   After they have come through the other side, I pray they would thank God for His mercy and protection during a very trying and difficult time.   I especially hope that the rest of the country would come to their aid, just as they did for us.

I know there are hardly any readers of this blog in the affected area of the northeast, however I want them to know that I am praying for them and I want nothing but the best for them.

If you like this photo, there are more here.

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