Bottom of the Falls

This picture appeals to what little artistic appreciation is within me.  Incidentally, the part of the brain that appreciates art is the anterior insula, a deep fold in the cerebral cortex.  My anterior insula must be buried very deep in my cerebral cortex.  Come for the photos, stay for the anatomy.

I took this shot of the bottom of a small waterfall on Route 519 in Morgan County, KY.  It  is usually hidden from the sight of traffic when the leaves are on the trees.  It is not a very pretty waterfall and I was disappointed with all of the shots I was getting, especially after I slid down the hillside through the briars to get there  (I am sure that graceful tumble was not out of sight of traffic, but to my knowledge it hasn’t shown up on YouTube).

After trying to get some waterfall shots and being disappointed with the results, I started looking at different compositions and shooting in black and white.  Sometimes shots in color don’t do it for me.  Always keep in mind that black and white gives a different perspective to the shot and it may work.  That was the case with this photo.  I did not like it in color so I processed it in black and white.  Immediately it took on  contrast, not only of the black and white, but also the softness of the water with the hardness of the rocks.

I wish I had something else to say about this shot, to espouse some wisdom on race relations or world peace…but I got nothin’.

If you like this photo, you can see more here.


One thought on “Bottom of the Falls

  1. A beautiful shot — frankly, I don’t know why more people don’t comment on your wonderful photography. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

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