Amelia Island Morning

I needed so badly to get out of town.  I love West Liberty and it’s people, but a body can only stand so much post-tornado sights and insurance-slogging.  I went to the only place on God’s earth that could give me respite…the beach.  No one and I mean not one person in all of humanity enjoys the beach more than me!

The only multitasking I do on the beach is drinking coffee while plopping in a beach chair.

When I am at the beach, I morph into my alter ego…”Big Surf Daddy”.  Big Surf loves to ride the waves.  The biggest difference in Big Surf’s body surfing experience is that he has to sea pee more than in the past.  He is thinking of getting a matching  swimmer’s hat and trunks like the Olympians wear to help neutralize the added girth he has picked up in his sixth decade of life.

Big Surf can’t wait until he is a little older and has lost a lot more of his inhibitions so he can promenade up and down the beach in a new thong.  When he is too old to body surf at least he will enjoy other beach activities, like embarrassing your kids. (After reading this blog, he may have already accomplished that).

Big Surf had trouble sleeping this vacation.  I guess the tornado came with him this year.  He could not escape it even in slumber.  One advantage however in those sleepless times is being awake early enough to go out on the beach for some sunrise photos.  Big Surf wishes he was a morning person because he loves sunrises, especially over the Atlantic Ocean.

He dragged himself out of bed one morning and photographed one Amelia Island dawn.

Alas, I was forced to leave. You could see the tracks in the sand where I was dragged by my wife and kids. I had to face my time of departure and with it say good bye to that inner beach-loving, shark tooth-hunting, late afternoon breeze-napping, drip castle-building, body-surfing, morning-walking, seafood-devouring, reggae-listening  second self.

See you next year, Big Surf.

If you like this photo, you can see more here.


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