And I’m Off…
Welcome to my foray into the blog world. My plan is to show a photo that I have taken and to comment on how and why I took this photo.  I know this has little interest to the vast majority of those in the space-time continuum.My rationale is to send this out to myself in multiple universes in hope that I have the technological capacity in those other universes to receive these blogs.  Then my other-universe selves may be able to send me tech support, this is assuming of course that they live in the eastern part of Kentucky in those other universes so I can understand them.

All beginnings have to have a start and I have chosen this photo for my first blog.  This is a shot of the start of the girls foot race at the annual 4th of July celebration on Main Street in West Liberty, KY.  This is my hometown.

The West Liberty Kiwanis Club celebrates July 4th on Main Street, a tradition that has occurred longer than I can remember.  This particular celebration was very special. It was the first event held on Main Street since a devastating tornado hammered us on March 2nd of this year. The tornado virtually destroyed all of Main Street and the rest of the business district.  My office was one of the buildings destroyed.  There were many homes and residences destroyed and people were displaced.  There were six very good people killed in the rural areas of our county.

West Liberty was settled close to two hundred years ago but now it seems that we will have a new beginning.  This photo somehow to me represents that beginning.  The photo was shot at the start of the race with a Canon EOS 40D and a Vivitar 7mm fish-eye lens.  I wanted to capture the start of the race with a blur to show motion, so I set my shutter speed at 1/30th of a second and aperture of f-22.  The shot was hand-held above my head to give the elevated perspective.  I wanted a view of Main Street and the crowd with the start of the race.

The people had a wonderful time and it was one of the best 4th of July celebrations that we have had.  I hope West Liberty can recover and surpass its past.

If you liked this image, there’s more here.

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